A little about me...

Life as I knew it changed drastically within one year.

I got engaged to the man of my dreams on the first of October, graduated college the following May, married my love in June, moved to a new city and started my first big girl job soon after. 

This blog is to help me take notes on what I learn on this new and exciting journey, and perhaps share some fun, silly, hard-to-swallow but hopefully helpful anecdotes along the way for those who are curious! 

Topics will range from recipes and meal budgeting (yay for adulthood folks!) to marital wisdom that I gain or either learn. Who knows... I may end up talking about fashion/building a sustainable and workable closet wardrobe or some of the exciting trips my hubby and I will enjoy. I want to keep this blog as open and flexible as possible. I'm very excited and I hope you are too!